Shadows in the Lee of Empire

Quote Log - 4/26/2014

“It’s like walking into Amber Mayberry.” – Cort

“They seem really open, they would not do well in the old days.” – Brenden
“They would be dead in the old days.” – Irene

“In the past observers have been considered disposable and/or alblative.” – Edwin

“Do we know if he’s passed?” – Jeremiah
“Well, mom said she was done with him.” – Rodney

“There’s a front door? Did it occur to anyone to use that?” – Cort

“So…. Nazi Atlantis?” – Cort

“We need to kill all the houseplants.” – Rondey

“I’m not a vegetarian philosophically, I just really hate plants.” – Irene

“Are we killing the plant or the plan?” – Edwin
“We killed the plan some time ago.” – Cort

“It’s a stationary plant, don’t overthink it’s execution.” – Cort

“For some reason the engineers apparently didn’t see the need to bild a ‘pump all of the air out of the building’ mechanism.” – Brenden

“You realize he’s not with you?” – Cort
“Yes, that’s the second flaw in the plan.” – Jeremiah

“I will use my skill of observation on the engineering area.” – Jeremiah
“It’s full of dead people.” – Irene



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