• Benedict Barimen

    Benedict Barimen

    Master Advisor to the Emperor
  • Bleys Barimen (The Sun Prince)

    Bleys Barimen (The Sun Prince)

    Greatest of the Royal Envoys, many are the provinces who have come to appriciate his guile and diplomatic skill.
  • Blue


    A chance encounter, a potential ally or a clever opponent? He implies associations, but offers proof of nothing.
  • Brilliant May

    Brilliant May

    Talented with sorcery but faint of heart, Brilliant May is often as faint of heart as his Mask would imply.
  • Dark February

    Dark February

    Little is known of this shifter, lightning quells simple conversation.
  • Duke Balor Barimen

    Duke Balor Barimen

    Son of Prince Julian, this disaffected noble spends most of his time in Shadow, uninterested in the doings of the Empire.
  • Emperor Random I

    Emperor Random I

    His holiness the Emperor
  • Empress Vialle

    Empress Vialle

    Heart of the Empire, the radiant partner of his Imperial Majesty.
  • Gentle April

    Gentle April

    A quick blade and master swordsman, but even of temperment.
  • Julian Barimen

    Julian Barimen

    Imperial Governor of Arden, this reclusive Prince rarely involves himself in Imperial politics.
  • Kayleb Barimen, Artist-in-Residence

    Kayleb Barimen, Artist-in-Residence

    Kayleb, son of Bleys, is a laid-back artist living in Castle Amber. Several of his works have been found worthy of display there, and he has made a few Trump decks for newer family members.
  • Martin Barimen (The Bronze Dragon)

    Martin Barimen (The Bronze Dragon)

    Heir Apparent and Lord Commander of the Imperial Legions, this Prince weilds the fist of the Empire and all who whould oppose her speak his name with fear.
  • Michael Bariman

    Michael Bariman

    A lost sheep, returned to the fold with the horror of the cathedral bombing.
  • Stern November

    Stern November

    Arrogant, but with power to justify it. Her mastery of Pattern is unequalled and her diminuative stature reminds one of relatives thought lost.
  • [Deceased] Caine Bariman

    [Deceased] Caine Bariman

    The Imperial Spymaster, there is little that happens in the Empire that this Prince does not know.
  • [Deceased] Fiona Barimen (The Traitor Princess)

    [Deceased] Fiona Barimen (The Traitor Princess)

    Corrupted by the darkness of Chaos, the disgraced princess has been forever banished, on pain of death should she return.
  • [Deceased] Floramel Barimen (The Iron Lily)

    [Deceased] Floramel Barimen (The Iron Lily)

    Lady Commander of the Inquisition, the Princess keeps the Citizens of the Empire free of the corrupting forces of Chaos.
  • [Deceased] Llwewlla Bariman

    [Deceased] Llwewlla Bariman

    Lady Commander of the Imperial Air Legions, this saucy commander has led her forces to dominate the sky.