Shadows in the Lee of Empire

Session 7

Not so lucky...

A week has passed since the attack on the Cathedral. Aid has begun arriving at the City from the provinces, and the Emperor has been building loyalty on the sense of outrage that has resulted from the atrocity.

A new relative, Michael, has appeared and sworn his loyalty to the Empire. He is now in command of the air forces, replacing the late Llewella. The Emperor has been seen much in his company, and with Martin, who is sporting new but less splendid armor. They are clearly planning a major campaign.

Corwin has been blamed publicly for harboring Saif, and the message from the Empire has been that Argent must pay.

Kate has thrown herself into the work of dealing with the casualties of the attack.

Saif contacted Duke Balor, Julian’s son. Balor accepted copies of Saif’s apology, and an additional personal offer for the Emperor, offering to turn himself in if the Empire acknowledges Project Harmony, and forswears it as a personal plan of the late High Inquisitor. Balor agreed to distribute the apology, and pass along the note.

Amara conferred with Corwin about the defense of Argent. Corwin has ordered evacuation, and worries about Kayleb’s Trump abilities, as well as the massive disparity of forces. Amara sought a disguise, to preserve the illusion that she died attacking Martin. She got a Trump of Argent, so that she can return from Telluria, and went home.

Telluria had been altered, Shadow-wide, such that its technology no longer functions. Only the station where Broken Pattern research was conducted, and a few items based on that, still work. The power level involved was very high, likely involving the Jewel. Saif determined that undoing the damage was beyond his capability, and would likely require the Jewel itself. Meanwhile, the disaster was well underway, devastating the Shadow.

Tyber Trumped to Chaos, seeking Mandor to offer any aid he could. The usual Chaosian weirdness ensued. Mandor was unsure how to use Tyber. They discussed Tyber’s origins; Tyber recalls his home Shdaow/Way was Kazan, but was unsure of his House. Mandor recalled no such place. Tyber conferred with Kate, and they shared uncertainty about how to proceed.

Saif spoke with Balor to see how his offer had been received. Balor indicated that there had been no response, and offered a rough pep talk/dressing down given Saif’s fatalistic attitude about surrendering. Balor’s take was that the offer would not be accepted.

Kate visited Shadow Earth to pursue her secret project (dun dun dunnn) and wrap up her mother’s affairs. She gained access to all of Flora’s resources there.

Balor Trumped Saif, saying that the Unicorn had spoken to Julian, and instructed Julian to pass a message to Saif. The message was that Saif needed to clean up his family’s messes. As a result of the appearance of the Unicorn, Julian had withdrawn Arden from the Empire, and was preparing defenses.

A reptilian creature, Serpentine, even, spoke to Tyber from a toilet, chiding him that “Son of the Unicorn, it is time to take your responsibilities seriously.” Tyber went to consult Mandor, who had no insight into why the Serpent would address him so. Tyber also consulted Kate, who was likewise mystified.

Imperial troops reached Argent, unleashing an overwhelming assault on the capital. Saif and Amara briefly assisted the defense, before it was overwhelmed. Two figures fought a ferocious battle atop the flag-dirigible, which crashed, but the attacking forces crushed resistance quickly.

Saif and Amara contacted Julian, and took refuge in Arden. Saif settled in to make a Trump of his clone-brother Egon, while Amara explored the defenses of the Forest.

Tyber sought resources to research the Children of the Unicorn, eventually finding a Fount of Knowledge in the form of four female children rooted in a mound. He received some general information from a very Chaosian perspective, including that the Children of the Unicorn were quite numerous, and synonymous with the Royal Family of Amber.

Saif contacted Kate, seeking her help in using the Trump of Egon. She joined him in Arden and accepted the Trump, but then attempted to drug Saif with a hypodermic. Thwarted by his armored vestments, she threatened him with a gun (was this the secret project?). Amara interfered, disarming Kate. Kate disappeared, and Trumped away.

Kate attempted to use the Trump of Egon. She encountered some resistance, but after overcoming that found herself in contact with the Emperor. He invited her through. Despite the warnings of her instinct for self-preservation, she accepted. The Emperor took the Trump, then attacked Kate with his sword. Kate became invisible, but was unable to avoid a serious wound. She Trumped away to New York, to a hospital. Before losing consciousness, she Trumped Saif, telling him that the Trump had led to the Emperor.

Saif passed the news of Egon possibly impersonating the Emperor along to Julian. He asked that if possible, word be passed to Kayleb, asking him to make an independent Trump of Egon for confirmation.

Tyber spoke further with the Fount, trying to piece together his past. After sharing his memories, the Fount noted that it sounded like the experiences of several individuals. Tyber attempted to Trump Kate, finding her in a drugged haze. The Fount told him she seemed to be wounded.

Saif went for a walk in Arden, in hopes of contacting the Unicorn. It did appear, and showed him an image of Tyber. Scratched into a tree, because woodcut is the Primal Art Form.

Tyber wandered the Ways to the Logrus, and found the portal to it blocked by a rockfall that seemed more than physical. He Trumped Amara and Saif to join him. Amara’s scans were inconclusive, confused by the nature of the blockage and the general Chaos. Pattern-sight showed the nature of the blockage to involve Primal Order violently wedged into Chaos.

Tyber led Amara and Saif to the Fount. Saif used Trump to Psychically bond with Tyber, to share his memories. His memories did feel fragmentary. The dream visions were more consistent, and Tyber was able to share the most recent of them; a memory of standing at the Logrus and focusing on the Jewel, while someone invaded his mind and pulled out his essence. It appeared that Egon might have attacked Random while Random was preoccupied working through the Jewel.

They met with Mandor, passing on this information, and seeking help with healing Kate. They Trumped her, bringing her through, and Mandor melded with her to accelerate her healing, also conferring to establish her position in regards to the Empire.

Finally, Mandor undertook to modify Tyber’s armor with Logrus, and succeeded in opening the visor.

The face in the helmet was Random’s.



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