Shadows in the Lee of Empire

Mea Culpa

Recently distributed across Cauldron

A handwritten note recently found in many locations across Cauldron:

From the hand of Saif Bariman, once Imperial Governor of Cauldron
To all citizens of the Empire, particularly the residents of Cauldron

Several days ago, I attacked the Cathedral of Amber, causing a tragic loss of life among innocent citizens. This was a criminal act for which I am solely responsible, and I expect and accept that I will pay the price for it. I do not seek forgiveness, and know that no explanation will diminish the enormity of my wrong, but perhaps one will help make sense of the tragedy.

I have recently learned of a plan by the Grand Inquisitor, called Project Harmony, that would involve destroying many worlds. I feared that the gathering at the Cathedral was to initiate this plan. That I was incorrect is itself shameful, but in response I displayed a monstrous disregard for innocent life. The potential disaster I hoped to avert is no excuse for the actual atrocity I committed.

Since I have engaged in such evil, I know I can not be part of the process of reconciliation that the Empire clearly needs. I hope that the security concerns that lay behind Harmony, and the Inquisition in general, can be addressed while preserving the Empire as we know it, and the worlds beyond.

I will soon submit myself to Imperial justice. Let that be the end of recrimination. May it bring the victims of my crime some solace.



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