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Shadows represents an alternate view of Amber where, as a result of the trials of the Patternfall war, Amber was reorganized as an Empire. Patternfall went even less smoothly than as was recorded in the Corwin Chronicles. While the major events run roughly as listed, including the restoration of the Pattern, the battle in Chaos itself went poorly resulting more in stalemate than the easy victory we are familiar with. An expensive victory was finally reached after several years, but precarious enough that occupation was seen as the only way to avoid further violence. A chain of governors followed, few showing much success and two failing poorly enough that Crusades were necessary to restore Chaos to Amber control.

During this time Amber reorganized as an Empire, so as to better supply and fund the war effort. The final governor was Gerard himself, a two year reign ending with his assassination. Seen as the final straw, Random returned to Chaos with the Jewel of Judgement and did something to the Logrus, no one is sure exactly what. The results were a notable weakening of the Logrus when contesting Pattern and no Chaos Lord attempting to walk it emerging again. Given that Chaos now no longer had a way to replenish it’s badly depleted stock of Logrus masters, Amber pulled out, destroying the infrastructure and leaving the shattered kingdom to it’s own devices. Confident it no longer had the capacity to challenge the might of the Empire of Order.

The Empire has provided security and prosperity for it’s citizens for nearly 200 years since the time of Patternfall. In that time hundreds of province shadows have been brought into the Unicorn’s loving embrace and gained the benefits of stability, security and the benevolent rule of his Imperial Majesty Emperor Random I.

As members of the nobility and other agust personages, it falls to you to maintain vigilence and help your Emperor protect the motherland from the scourge of Chaos that still finds root in the heart of the weak and disloyal. Only you can keep the Empire pure Citizen, the Emperor will be watching.

Shadows in the Lee will be a standard Amber game set in the world of an Amber Empire creates as a reaction to the Patternfall war and later occupation of Chaos. Characters will be 125 points using my standard partial powers system, a quiz will be sent out and players completing it will gain an additional 5 points.

Plot arcs will be based on both pre-generated lines as well as new lines generated from character write ups. Introduction text aside, loyalty to the Empire is not required but those who are publically disloyal do so at their own risk, Flora’s inquisition is ever vigilent for the dark stench of Chaos.

Game is tentatively set to begin in February/March, 2012.

Shadows in the Lee of Empire

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