Introduction to Dr Kate

Doctor Kate Barimen burst through the massive war room chamber doors. Her tiny frame and white dress suit was a stark contrast to her militant surroundings. Her hair messed up on one side where it appeared as though someone had grabbed it in haste. She held a doctor bag in one hand, the ear lobe of a guard in the other and more importantly held a look of scorn that only a great great grandmother could produce. A look so foul, so filled with silent rage that the entire room went silent.

Benedict sat upright and cocked an eyebrow. Caine shifted in his seat, and Bleys cleared his throat and looked away slightly.

The doctor let go of the guards ear, four other guys stood behind her, and shot glances at the Emperor back and forth to see what it is they should do.

“Am I not the Chief Surgeon here at Castle Amber?”

The war room, with its long table with seats for many on the Emperor’s counsel fell silent. Llewella rolled her eyes, and Kate shot daggers at her in return.

“Did I not give specific instructions that the Emperor was not to be disturbed for at least 8 hours while his fever has a chance to return to normal?”

Bleys held up a finger, as if to ward off a verbal attack he then began, “Kate…we are very busy as you can see, and we require the counsel of the Emperor in this matter.”

Dr Kate Barimen marched straight towards Bleys; her high heels making a distinct clicking sound on the stone floor as she walked. And her tightly fit suit and skirt swished with each step. “Oh dear Bleys. Up again all night carousing I see? Your breath reeks of whiskey, I could smell you as I came in. You still have fingermarks of some wench I see. No dear, the collar did not cover it up. Another tramp from Cassia I presume? Her cheap perfume is still upon you. Perhaps next time you may wish to bathe first before leaving her place in such haste, though I imagine you had to make a quick escape and that’s why you are wearing her socks and not your own. Pitty, you look good in this style of stitching. Tell me, did her husband find out? It’s good to have trumps isn’t it.”

Bleys blinked in surprise.

“Oh come now Bleys, don’t be so bashful, it’s not becoming. Now then, to the matter at hand, I’m sure Benedict can handle any strategy that is required for this meeting. Long has it been since we have been under his protective guard, and as you can see he has bathed this morning and is indeed ready to lead. And as for the Emperor, my word! You look terrible sir! Off to bed with you! Go!”

Emperor Random Stood up and took a step back. He made a motion to the four guards that were still awaiting his orders, and the guards left the room shutting the door behind them. “Kate…er…Dr Kate, I feel fine I assure you, and besides this matter won’t take very long to resolve. Please I must continue.”

“Yes I agree, you should continue, but at full strength my lord! A good night sleep, some medicine and if you are lucky maybe a bit of brandy!” With that, the doctor took Random gently by the wrist and began to lead him out of the room.


A wry smile came to Benedict’s lips, “No worries your Empire is safe in my hands for the moment, I shall fill you in on the details in the morning sire.”

“Benedict!” Random exclaimed as it was now clear that no one was going to rescue him. Random then turned to the doctor who was still leading him back to his personal quarters, “I feel fine honest.”

Doctor Kate paused, and once she was out of earshot of the others she whispered to the Emperor, “You are visibly sweating my lord. You keep squinting with your left eye which tells me your migraine has not escaped you as of yet. And judging by your breath I would say that the rum you got from Earth hasn’t helped you much this night either now has it? Your lips are chapped, so you are dehydrated and haven’t been following my instructions on the consumption of water. Rum is not water my dear Emperor. And you’ve been hiding your hands in your pockets again, as I can see by the lines marked in your flesh by your own clothes. The shakes have returned then have they? Come, you are going to bed. I shall give you medicines better than rum, and we shall be rid of this ok?”

The doctor did not wait for an answer nor was an answer ever given, and simply she continued to lead the Emperor to his bedroom for a good night’s rest.

Dr. Kate Anderson (Kate Barimen)

Introduction to Dr Kate

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