Game 5

“My plan really isn’t complete.” —Doug
“That’s perfect!” —Craig

“I’m being the good daughter, going to parties and such as well as playing doctor.” —Craig
“Well, you are down one patient!” —Brenden

“If an Empire falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” —Brenden

“Corwin stole a Province of Amber.” —Llewella
“We changed the on ramps…” —Brenden

“It’s an accident that he didn’t recover from, and I’m about to accident all over your city.” —Llewella

“I’m not intending to conceal this from aunt Flora…do I look stupid?” —Doug
“The commander looks down and tries not to say anything.” —Cort

“I know more trump than anyone else in the family, save Dworkin, and I’m a little easier to talk to.” —Doug

“We did blow up her guards…” —Cort
“Ew…akward.” —Brenden

“Corwin seems to give a damn about his people.” —Cort
“Such a weakness.” —Doug

“I give him a trump of Flora. Do not contact her. She will destroy you.” —Brenden
“Why are you giving this to us?” —Scientist

“I’m playing both sides.” —Doug
“How traditional of you.” —Corwin

“Nazi’s on Zeplins.” —Brenden
“What’s not to love?” —Cort

Regarding Brenden’s plan:
“Don’t make me change it in the middle, and we’ll probably be fine.” —Brenden

“As a player, the more i think about this, the more stupid it is. As a character, the more I think of this, the more stupid it is.” —Dan

“I turn on my suit, turn on Infrared.” —Dan (Dan’s invisible and about to trump ontop of a zeplin)
“So if you do fall, no one will see it!” —Brenden

“He got us into this, and yet we keep following his plans!” —Cort

“Kate wouldn’t be there right now. But in the aftermath…” —Craig
“She’ll be right there!” —Brenden

“Ok plan B.” —Dan
“What did we say about changing the plans midway?” —Cort

“I want you to deliver this.” —Dan
“Oh is this how the special forces gets out of paperwork?” —Brenden

“The universal motion of yes yes you have found the super villian, and I’ll handle it.” —Cort

“You did have an escape plan right?” —Doug
“Vaguely.” —Brenden

“Interesting, but I fail to see how this is immediately relevant.” —Benedict

“What happened to Caine is a product of my incompetence. My reputation as a super villian is going to take a hit.” —Brenden

“Kate is nothing more than Flora’s puppet.” —Cort
HEY! I’m also a doctor!” —Craig

“She doesn’t give off a grand Moff Tarkin vibe…but…” -Cort

“Two fighters against a star destroyer? Fuck off!” —Craig

“I wonder how they are going to pin this one on me!” — Brenden

“I cancel the Victory party and Lewella’s dress at bandies” — Craig
“Well you could just change it to be her memorial, with black dresses.” — Dan

“I really think slavery is underrated.” — Cort

“Eventually all that will be left is Random and Flora.” — Cort
“And me, I’ll be around.” — Craig
“And yes, Kate will still be there and not be committed.” —Brenden

Game 5

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