Game 4

“When two bowls love each other very much…”—Cort
“Is that how casserole dishes are made?” —Dan

“Gravity still works.” —Dan
“Gravity and suction. Oberron relied heavily on suction.” —Brenden

“I’m in my bed until someone says something.” —Jere
“Or hands you a ball pein hammer.” —Cort

“I know who I won’t be using my one trump call for…” — drunk Kate

“I didn’t do anything embarassing did I?” —Craig
“Not till just now.” —Cort

“Why don’t we get an iron lung, i’ll hide in it, and you push it in there.” — Jeremiah
“Kate isn’t strong enough to move it.” – Cort

“There is plenty of treason to go around.” —Brenden

“Stop heart attacking!” (mimes slapping Caine) —Jeremiah
“He does that for about two hours, and surprisingly Caine dies.” —Cort

“It looks like someone who was way too strong tried to do CPR on him. He could have also been electricuted, your not sure. In his defense, you think the suit of armour did the best nursing job it could.” —Cort

“You guys really fucked that one up.’ —Jeremiah
“Sorry about the treason.” —Brenden
“I’ll get by” —Jeremiah

“No one got past you to kill Caine!” —Dan
“Mission Accomplished!” —Jeremiah

“Did that finish the story arch?” —Jeremiah
“It finishes Caine’s story arch!” —Dan

“How long since he stopped breathing?” —Brenden
“About six hours.” —Cort
“So…that just happened.” —Brenden

“Saif, you take treason very well.” —Craig

“Can we just put him back under the bed? Oh look! he was there the whole time!” —Cort
“Like a cat, he must have crawled there to die.” —Brenden

“We should just put him on a park bench a little ways away from the hospital….it’s the best i’ve got.” —Jeremiah
“Because the actual truth is completely unbelievable.” —Cort

“This will be a very smooth and short track to execution.”—Brenden

“You had all the time to go through all the stages of grief here by yourself in the 11 hours after Caine died.” —Cort

“OK so we need to write a suicide note.” —Jeremiah
“I really think this is our best plan yet.” —Jeremiah
“Better than the I had involving an accident on the park bench.” —Cort

“Hey, did we save the game?” —Jeremiah

“How many points is power of incompetance.” —Craig
“You get that one for free.” —Cort

“Apparently a bathtub doesn’t heal everybody. I learned this today.” —Jeremiah.

“So how do we raise the dead?” —Jeremiah

“I wish i could have had my camera phone out when Saif just walked in.” —Jeremiah

“I understand that on earth, after a crusifixtion, you could ressurrect.” —Jeremiah
“Are you saying we should Crusify him?” —Craig

“I think we should come clean. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” —Craig

“You are talking about taking the Jewel of Judgement. This is a jump forward in the treason we are already in for. Unpack this idea for me.” —Brenden

“This campaign may end more quickly than I had thought.” —Cort

“Wait, you want to bring back Caine as a ghost? Caine was a nasty son of a bitch while he was alive!” —Craig
“He will be a Caine that loves us! And will protect us!” —Jeremiah
“Sort of a Hello-Kitty Caine.” —Cort

“If the forge can control time…” —Jeremiah
“Why don’t we put all of amber into the forge!” —Craig

“We were all bowling! We have receipts!” —Jeremiah

“It’s ok. We have gotten ourselves out of way worse situations before.” —Craig
“Yeah? Like what?” —Jeremiah
“Oh, I was just trying to be more positive.” —Craig

“All we need is a bunny suit and a gas mask.” —Jeremiah

“Tyber could have been mentally dominated. We may have to mind fuck him a little bit, just so it looks real.” —Craig

“What? I didn’t take Caine. I wasn’t with Kate. I hang up.” — Jeremiah
“Worst lie ever!” — Craig

“We could hide in Forge right? For seven or eight hundred years till this all blows over!” — Craig

“Well I’m ready to start writing a new character.” —Jeremiah
“Most complicated form of character suicide ever.” —Brenden

“We could throw Caleb under the bus! He was the mastermind behind all of this!” — Craig

“We were going to bring everything we needed…we just forgot the doctor!”— Brenden

“We are innocent right! I mean, we didn’t mean any harm.” -Craig
“No. We aren’t. We really did that. We are holding the bag. Because it is a bag we actually carried.” -

“But I don’t want them to be in jail forever.” — Craig (Kate)
“Oh Sweetie, they won’t be in jail for long.” — Flora
“Whew” — Brenden

“Trying to see what your next character is going to be?” — Dan

“Your mother is one not to ever be crossed. I’m definately feeling the pinch of that.” — Brenden

“I’m not good at this sort of thing. I’m good with Triage and stitching!” — Craig
“I’m good at planning and not execution” — Brenden
“Actually, you seem to have the execution part down…” — Cort

“Ok good talk. Don’t do anything dumb.” — Craig
“Where were you 13 hours ago!” — Jeremiah

“I start crying. I’m tired, I’m stressed out, and my friends are in trouble.” — Craig
OMG Kate made this all about her! You have discovered the secret to playing a woman!” — Cort

“I know what i did wrong. I’ll do it right the next time.” — Brenden

“I trump to Amber.” — Jeremiah
“Do you trump to Amber too?” (To Saif) — Cort
“No. I hellride away…” — Brenden

“Tyber, illuminate me.” — Flora
“Start Crying! It works for me!” — Craig

“Your torment has just gone from infinite to very long.” — Brenden

“Would you be capable of implicating Saif in the Derigible attack and the attack on the ways?” -Flora
“I lack the ability to generate a falsehood.” -
“If you were lead into the light of a new understanding, is that a falsehood?” — Flora

“I have strong belief in your eventual redemption.” — Flora
“If only you needed something broken!” — Jeremiah

“You are now in a field, alone.” — Cort about Saif
“And for once, not filled with arrows.” — Dan

“You arrive in Tellaria…the only soul who isn’t completely tainted.” — Cort to Dan

“What have you actually seen them do?” — Tellarian Commander?
“They shoot themselves in the foot in amazing ways.” — Brenden

“Ok, so they come to our world through magic cards, and then they manipulate us into making vehicles to invade their lands and threaten to attack us with derregibles. Do I have this right?” – Tellurian Commander
“Don’t make me punch you, you know I will.” — Dan

“If i leave here, will it make things worse for Saif?” — Jeremiah
“Well really, you both have hit rock bottom.” — Cort

“How soon will the execution attempt be?” — Jeremiah
“Oh, you think she’s very good at it.” — Cort

“Not having to eat and breath is paying off!” — Jeremiah

“To be fair. I just drew a picture. And if art is treason, then Caleb is going to hell!” — Craig

“Damn. I’m looking like an absolute mastermind here.” — Brenden

“Kate, screwing and helping everyone equally.” — Cort
“You are the bus conductor!” — Brenden

“When I have time, I’m going to do the off camera thing with Caleb.” — Dan
“That’s disgusting.” — Craig

“So Saif, what brings you here?” — Masked Person
“Mostly the smoking ruins of the bridges I’ve burned behind me.” — Brenden

“Man up and get mind fucked!” — Craig
“Just make sure you get a cool name like Rocktober.” — Jeremiah

“We will have a mask made for you, feel free to design—Fiona Octopus!” — Craig

“After you started backstabbing each other, it got harder to bring you all together.” — Cort
“It’s not backstabbing! It’s helping!” — Craig

“Nope, ‘not executed’. Sort of lateral move really.” — Jeremiah

“Fiona is probing, but lightly so far.” — Dan
“Lube was involved.” — Cort

“Is girl on girl actually kink anymore?” — Brenden
“That’s just how we sell milk.” — Jeremiah

“Kate is firmly under the thumb of her mother.” — Cort
“That is harsh.” — Craig
“But Fair.” — Everyone

“Tyber has a bent towards integrity, which is laudible, albeit inconvenient.” — Cort

“Rabbit suit is optional I take it?” – -Brenden
“Good, it’s not apart of the hazing then.” — Brenden

“That sounds entirely evil!” — Jeremiah
" Or efficient." — Craig

“Do you have a mission statement?” — Jeremiah (To the Children)

“How do we seal this?” — Jeremiah
“With a kiss.” — Craig

“We gotta find a more manly way of doing this.” — Jeremiah
“What cross cocks?” — Brenden

Game 4

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