Game 3

He’s going to take a hot bath in boiling oil.—Dan
He should learn how to unplug that one pain sensor—Dan

Hospitals blow up all the time—Cort

One of my paintings came out and talked to me—Doug
Does that happen often?—Kate

You have heard of the hall of mirrors, but you have also heard of

the abominable snowman—Cort

If I did illecit drugs maybe i could be a writer.—Dan

If it isn’t branded as treason, you are not a true amberite—


We are not a mcguffin! We are a legitimate plot device!—Brenden

Brendan has become detachable, as long as you apply wheat—Cort

Nuts just give me a sore throat—Cort

I feel like I’m being herded a bit—Doug
It’s like this is a game being controlled by someone!—Craig

You’ve never had static over a trump connection before, that was

Sorry i was trying something new.—Doug

You may have to convince someone to be able to hang a painting of


In the Eric memorial wing?—Dan

You got a little piece of logrus in your eye.—Cort
I think there is a salve for that—Doug

Personallity shifter? That seems less useful.—Brenden

So, aside from going to the ways and randomly bumping into these

guys…what do we do?—Kate
Especially without the tank.—Doug

Shadow people are so qaint.—Brenden

I could one day walk in, rape your brain and leave. Yes, your

communication is save…but your communication officer…not so


I say we wait in amber and wait for the plot to catch up with


What’s that rumbling? That’s the plot. What’s that bright

light? It’s coming right for us.—Doug

Lunch is late…it’s not that the food isn’t there…it’s that

the girl isn’t there.—Dan

Almost as though his mind was trumped away—Cort
If he dies he dies. His mind is pudding—Doug

You sense a presence entering your mind. Do you allow that?—

Yeah I guess. I’ve done it to someone else before. It’s only


She’s actually wearing a rather fetching negligee—Cort
The image of Kaleb turns his back—Doug

They could have smuggled in arms, they don’t really look for that

sort of thing.—Cort
It’s a fear based government—Dan
It’s much more efficient—Craig

That’s a good way to get poked.—Doug
And not in a good way—Cort

We could get Flora to impound everyone and start the

interrogations, but that wouldn’t be useful—Doug
But it would be fun.—Craig

Do we work with the Inquisitors?—Dan
If they ask you a question, you answer it. If you want to call

that working with then sure—Cort

Did Random advise you to investigate this matter?—Inquisitor
No, but I took it upon myself to do it.—Doug
Ah.—Inquisitor (taking notes)

(Cort miming writing notes)
Hey, he’s already left!—Doug
No, he’s still taking notes!—Craig

Muffin tops will give you a muffin top—Brenden

I’m stitching Caine back up…I don’t brain rape Caine. Hey! I

saved you! (miming being stabbed by Caine) OH GOD OH GOD!!—Craig

They (the clothes) are all pretty bloody and have bits of

intestine, and evacuated bowels.—Cort
Ok, well we don’t take them.—Dan

You can see him going into that mode of "Guard dealing with

annoying client."—Cort
Haha you are the annoying client!—Craig

Why are we here again?—Dan

Would you hit a woman? BAM!!—Dan to the guard before she

knocked him out
Wow, you even threw off the GM with that. I’ll say it got by the

guard too.—Cort

Throw him in closet with the rest of the bodies.—Craig
You have been promoted, now you have an office!—Brenden

I look for the more important office.—Brenden
Start kicking them in.—Craig
You can’t tell, they all look the same.—Cort
How egalitarian!—Brenden

What is kate doing?—Cort
Surfing porn.—Doug
Which is really difficult in Amber (miming moving paintings)—


You guys say stuff that is machine gun funny.—Craig

As it turns out Caine can take 8 five year olds—Brenden

Why do I have the Muppet music in my head.—Doug

I’m just going to walk around and kick shit.—Brenden

You are welcome to eat anything you want sweetie, except the

Except Dan, he’s not people.—Craig

I guess we are going with the look like we belong here mode.—

It’s one with our natural Royal sense of entitlement.—Brenden

You know what we have to do now?—Brenden
Burn it down?—Dan
Wait. Rape, pillage, then burn.—Doug

We are already one exploding hospital in.—Cort

I’m satisfied that we have just found more of the same, shame we

have to burn it down.—Brenden.

Now, if we would have killed the guard, and left his head in the

office, now that would have been hillarious.—Dan
The Shadow girl is crazy!—Cort

Now, instead of burning it down, we should send it to the

Burning it down should always be our go to.—Cort

Emperor Random has a personal issue—Flora
Oh is this a prostitute thing?—Kate

When someone asks you to go break and entering, maybe you should

Yes, and when it gets dreadfully dull, I’ll make sure to turn it

over to you.—Kate

You get an image of spanking a kitty—Doug

I killed him (Gerard) early, I didn’t want you guys to have

anyone to depend on.—Cort

Kabel is all about the three way.—Brenden

Didn’t I mind fuck you when I was drunk.—Kate to Kabel?

Game 3

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