Game 2

Are we gaming now?—Jere
We are talking about my shoes, fuck you.—Craig

My taint is great, it has not been touched in years.—Jere
You have to remember I’m writing all this shit down.—Craig

I want to do my Jar Jar voice, Weesa Gonna Die.—Jere

Well, think of it this way, you could always poison one of his whores.—Flora
THis is all hypothetical of course!—Kate
But if one were to poison some whore…what would they use?— Saif

I breathe?
It acts like an iron lung—Saif

I’m the guy in armour singing “RUbber Ducky.”—Tyber
I’m taking a bath yo! I don’t want the camera! I masterbate with a ball pein hammer, I don’t want any camera time.—Tyber

Why is it always masterbation jokes with you guys, can’t we talk about something else…ok…you’re right masterbation jokes are funny.—Tyber

I will trump spy on them…I think my Psyche trumps theirs.—Kate

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that information after the fight…At what point were you helping, when I was on fire?—Tyber

Do we have to have a split personality in every group now? —Dan

Well, I’ll write that down, on a post it note, on the back of my gauntlet. DONT TOUCH PATTERN BLADE.—Tyber

Let’s play what do we know.—Tyber

He’s your water friend!—Cort

It’s a cookie condom—Dan
More of a diaphragm really—Brenden

I go to my room and turn myself off.—Tyber
Ok, you turn your ass off… OMG there is an explosion in my ass!—Cort

I wasn’t going to rough him up personally! I have people skills!—Brenden
If you piss me off, I’m going to let you stab me 5 times!—Dan

What are you doing?—Cort
He’s buying dildos.—Craig
Yes. He wants one of my Dad’s rescued harwood dildos.—Jere

I don’t have a lot of Ukulele lore.—Cort

Well, can I smell where she is?—Kate
Oooh summer’s eve hasn’t been invented on that shadow yet.—Cort

THat’s like a motorboat, a three eyed turtle and a-Jeremiah
WHat the fuck is a three eyed turtle?—Craig
It’s a titty fuck—Jeremiah
Heterosexuals frighten and scare me.—Cort
That’s why I left—JEremiah
Because of the three eyed turtle?—Cort
No! That would have made me stayed!—Jeremiah

That was the gayest and most masculine thing I’ve ever heard—Jeremiah

You did put balls on it.—Dan

Keep me aloed up! Aloe can!—Jeremiah

It’s been almost 2 games now and we haven’t killed any neighbors—Brenden

That’s a burrito?—Craig
Yeah, quite sexy.—Jeremiah

21 you are a porn star, 22 you are a milf and at 30 you are doing specialist porn, like blowing donkeys—Brenden

I won’t be submitting to restraints.—Brenden
You don’t have a say in the matter.—Cort
Does he have an accent?—Brenden
Ball Gag?—Dan

Someone has to be unconscious each session—Dan
Usually it’s Saif—Craig

Baby urine out of a unicorn horn?—Cort

We should move on to Cassia—Brenden
Working on it, but you keep getting stabbed.—Jeremiah

You can call us the children of the new year.—Bunny
We should call him the easter bunny—Brenden
I’m called Brilliant May.—Cort

You are fixing it, and I’m going to have to stop you—Bunny Suit Guy
Well, it will keep you employed.—Benden
Look out for that back leg kick, it will be vicious—Brenden

It’s strong. You are literally wrestling with it.—Cort
It’s a trouser snake—Craig

You are in a vicious battle with this cord.—Cort
Trouser snake?—Brenden

She’ll spread her legs with 6 inches of gap—Dan

Well she’s as strong as Gerrard is NOW…well, unless he’s gone zombie—Brenden

She’ll give you an opening to bounce at least…safely.—Dan

A concussion will take your mind right off that hangover—Saif

It would suck less if you hadn’t been burned recently. Less damage and more FUCK THAT HURT—Cort
Dammit, that’s it? You suck! —TYber to the bunny

I get that it’s frustrating…it’s intentional—Cort

You’ve scared the shit out of the bunny.—Cort

You will find yourself in a white room in the middle of nowhere.—Dan

Now I know I can contact her—Doug
Or you are just really baked—Brenden

Well, it looks as though they were dressed to go to a ball. So…let’s go shopping.—Kate

We are a little bit behind the curve.—Brenden
I suspect it will take us a year to get ahead of the curve.—Craig

Don’t make me put you back in the box.—COrt

You are going to get her executed—Brenden
I’m just acting like an arogant noble—Doug

There is a sale at Bandy’s and I’m going to be first in line at 5 in the morning—Kate

Can you do your soldier thing? YOu know, make ready your weapon things?—Kate

What? Trying to undermine the bonds of trust in our family? She knows who we all are right?—Brenden

At some point you have to get out of your character’s comfort zone—Dan
I was ambushed in the stables!—Brenden

I take two lab coats, and wrap one around my head.—Tyber
Worst disquise ever—Craig

In a totalitarian society, you don’t really want to spell out that the fact that the security may have been the problem—Brenden

Twice before, we got totally raped by people in colorful masks—Tyber

Ok, but after it rapes us, don’t blame me—Tyber
Apparently the opening salvo of lightning bolts wasn’t exactly the conversation it was expecting—Cort

He tried to say something, but you shot a lightning bolt in it—Cort

Game 2

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