Game 1

Quote Log 3-3-2012

He is a kid in addition to being a boob.—Brendan

No one suspects him of insurrection, he’s just an asshole.—Cort

I’m thinking of a new painting.—Doug
Keep your clothes on.—Bren
I’m not in it— Doug

What are you doing?—Cort
Trying to be subtle.—Jere
My job is weird—Jere

Thanks for putting up with Po-dunks.—Brend

I didn’t see the event, but I guess it was alarming—Bren
That’s not an accident, that’s an attack.—Doug
Or incompetance —Craig

Where were you during the disaster?—Cort
I rode it out as best i could—Dan

This is a pearl harbor level of attack, if this is what it is. The entire place was on fire. You do not think this is an accident.-Cort
Is there anyone here?— Jere
THere are bodies in trees.—Cort

There are hands over there, feet over there, something not recognizable here.—COrt

Is there a fire brigade?—Jere
THis is beyond buckets.—Cort

I’ll make sure that everything is on fire.—Jere
It’s going to be dental records recognition for all—Cort

Everything is on fire, that is what iv’e determined.—Jere

And…and…they are all dead.—Bren

Sorry you are getting laid—Cort to Doug
I split the party—Doug

Here with go rhtymic blocking again.—Cort

Worst jigsaw ever—Brenden regarding putting body parts together

It’s like a tanning booth but really bad.—Cort

You were expecting a D cell battery, but she’s a car battery—Cort
Don’t stick it on your tongue—Bren

You see Amanda take out what looks like a triquarter—Cort
And it sounds like a dolphin.—Bren

THeoretically there is someone in there—Cort
I bet it would be real nasty once he gets it off—Dan

He’s been drinking his own pee for a hundred years, talk about efficient armor—Cort

You see these soldiers here, they are here to make sure you are safe—Craig
Ok so you are going to be insinuitive cop, i’ll play another role—Bren

I can’t wait to go to Cardac and start the bribing with wool.—Jere

It’s a wool conspiracy—Bren

There we go, where Fuck you takes on a whole new meaning.—Dan

Why would you do that to yourself—Craig
Yeah what the fuck?—Jere

I much prefer Emily, Outside of the attempted extortion—Cort
well that didn’t affect you at all—bren

How did i become the crazy yardstick?—Jere

Mmm luke warm sushi!—Jere
Look it’s started moving again!—Bren

I love it when i drug people, it brings on some of the best games—Cort

Right. Now in English this time.—Craig

Should have painted her naked, she would have come out of the painting naked—Dan

The obvious answer is the one that would give me the most trouble.—Doug
You bind yourself too much for the mundane Kayleb, you were destined for more.—Creepy Painting woman

You will succeed if you take a binding, or else you will perish—Creepy painting woman
Well, this took a turn for the worse—Bren

She could have passed him aspirin, but he was more than happy to bleed out, and say everything.—Cort

I come from a real high tech shadow, sky ships, light sabers.—Dan
Real medicine—Doug
Fake People—Craig

This was my first pic for my character, but it wasn’t military enough—Dan
Maybe a little too jail bait?—Bren

If i worried about cat spittle on food, I would never eat again.—Cort

God dammit Mom I’m a doctor not a cosmotologist

So it turns out that guy wasn’t
the plucky comic relief—Bren

Nazi Storm troopers with flare—Cort
Well, they had a lot of flare—Bren

You don’t look as good as he would (Jere) if you could actually see him without his armour—Cort

The staff there is used to human experiments…there’s just a form you fill out.—Bren

I collect hair samples, and go experiment with them in ways that will hopefully not kill any of them that no one would miss.—Doug

Wait, did the Seneshal let us know what the public disclosure should be?—Bren
Again, that’s not creepy at all—Cort

There will not be any long term side effects, I will be gentle—Bren
He’s prepared to do mentally raped.—Cort
Lets’ not disappoint here—Jere

I didn’t intentionally make a stealth character but between family and him, i’m invisible.—Dan

I look through my bag for some sedatives.—Craig
Um…no, don’t do that.—Bren
Oh, right, I’ll save that for after.—Craig

You don’t normally use rocket launchers on cockroaches.—Cort

Because we want them relaxed before we rape them—Cort

And you guys thought I was the menace!—Jere

No no, next time i’m just going straight to the mind raping, saves time.—Bren

We are going to need to go to New York and trash it—Craig

I’m sure I’ve needed wool at some point—Bren
Or sheep—Dan

You are supposed to be a diplomat—Doug

He’s our subtly control—Craig about Jere

Now aren’t you glad that we didn’t use the ways?—Bren
Ok you are right! What do you want me to say?

Did the demon armour just tell you to wear the right shoes?—Dan
Yes, but he made it sound as though if you don’t you will die.—Cort

The worst part is, if someone left a booby trap in here, i’m about to die—Bren
Ok, well I’ll be here to watch.—Jere

It’s Tyber, I thought you were asking for tylenol—Jere

I know we’ve been standing here and making some smirks and stuff, but he’s a bad guy, go get him.—Bren
I punch him in the face!-Jere

Come on, do what you do best, take some hits so he can get in!—Dan to Brenden

Well, now that I’m on fire, I’m going to lay on top of him.—Jere

Can you make me not on fire?—Jere to Bren

He didn’t lull you into a false sense of security by talking about wool did he? He’s been known to do that—Brenden

You are doing research, you are trying to open the gate—Cort
And you (Jere) are on fire.—Craig

Game 1

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