Dr Kate Diary Entry 2

Dear Diary:

My day went from horrible to super duper evil out right terrible OMG we are all going to die.

It was a pickles, Ice Cream and cookies kind of day.

Let me back up. The plan was simple. Rescue Caine from impending doom, by merely kidnapping him momentarily to keep him safe. Well, that was the idea at least. As it turns out, this task was horribly planned. Because Caine was guarded, I didn’t want to implicate myself in this mess, so I let Tyber implicate himself instead. He’s a big boy, and he’s got armour, lightning and a big sword. I’m sure he’ll manage just fine. Look at me! Look at my curls? I couldn’t pick up Caine anyway, so Tyber had to do it.

Well, the original plan was for me to go along with them to make sure Caine was stable. He was stable. Well, the boys took him to Cauldron, and then to Forge. A place that blocks trump and only Saif can get into and out of. Also, on Forge, time speeds up at ridiculously high speeds. And so, the brilliant team decided to lock Caine and Tyber in there for a short duration. I stayed back home to make sure I covered my tracks. I don’t really want Mom on my heels!

Well to make a painful story short. Caine died of a heart attack. Now, Tyber tried to do CPR by breaking his ribs and dipping his feet into a potted plant. While his efforts were noble, the execution was disastrous. I should have been there. Caine should have been saved. Why did we lock him in there with Tyber alone? Why did Saif leave anyway?

Well, I thought fast and I went straight to Mother! She would know what to do. Of course she told me my friends were going to hang, but she put it in a nice way that made me feel better about the whole thing. Why couldn’t it be Caleb? No one likes him! Sure the iron man is a bit creepy, but generally I like that guy. What you see is what you get, and that’s pretty unusual for Amber. Saif is good too, creepy in another way, but I trust him more than Caleb! Why couldn’t we throw Caleb under the bus! Bah!

I went to trump Saif, and I got him some cookies, some pickles and some ice cream with caramel and chocolate syrup….ooh I had almonds, peanuts and strawberries on there too. I meant to send it to Saif, where ever he is. But he wasn’t interested in taking my trump. I felt horrible. So I ate all the cookies.

Well, Tyber screwed up his trial, and it was apparent he really wanted to commit suicide. I couldn’t let that happen! I had to do something. So I thought quickly, and I stole into the night, and gave him a trump sketch back to central park on Earth. Mother would never think to look there for him! I’m sure he could hide out there for awhile when I thought of something else to do. Oh heavens! I just want to get back to the good times! I don’t want my friends to suffer!

Mother doesn’t suspect that I helped Tyber. I gave her a trump of Amara to throw her off too. I think it worked. Amara is smart, she’ll be able to dodge Mother’s questions I think. Also, Amara is innocent! Well mostly innocent. She’s a bit strange that one…I mean not Caleb strange, but strange enough. They both enjoy their technology very much and like to flaunt it like jewelry. Eyeroll.

Whatever. Mother bought me a new dress, well actually a series of dresses. I really like this pink outfit she got for me, and I think it will look dashing at our next event. I think I’ll wear the white silk gloves I have to go with it. The gloves that go all the way to my elbows…they make me feel all slinky! Of course my shoes are always perfect (Thank you Dworkin!) Oh, I wish Dworkin were here again. Maybe if I cry enough he’ll come to my rescue again. Maybe he can make a dress that shields me from drama. Oh dear. I hope Tyber and Saif are ok. I know they didn’t mean any harm by their treason. I fear that I may never see them again, which is why I think it is important to get more involved in the court again. See new people, and old people, and mingle again with the nobles of the golden shadows. This will take my mind off of things, and keep me focused for whatever comes next. I wish my friends well, and I will help them wherever I can! As long as it isn’t too risky of course. I don’t plan on doing anything stupid. Again I mean. What a terrible thing! I should have not moved Caine. If he were to die, then dammit, best it not destroy my friends!

Oh goodness. I chipped a nail? How did that happen? I must have some servants in here at once! This is unsightly and it is throwing my mood way way off. It makes me think of all the flaws that are out there! Oh this won’t do. Where are those damn servants when you need one? Can’t they tell how stressed out I am? Oh god, my makeup is smearing. Where are these people!?

Dr Kate Diary Entry 2

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