Dr Kate Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary:

My family is insane. Terrorists are attacking, and someone is trying to ruin our Empire.

But let me back up. There was a terrorist attack today, on the airfields and instead of helping a certain someone…oh I don’t know…KAYLEB refused to answer my freaking trump call. . Of course, he was likely with some trollup and engaging in some sort of debauchery. Then, to add more misery to the evening, he trumped back, but with some terrible technological device he somehow managed to make work here in Amber. I tried to reach out to slap him mentally, but he was blocked somehow. Why was Kayleb so insane? Why are my family nuts? Why don’t they have any respect for others, and more importantly, respect for emergency situations. Kayleb is clearly more obsessed with conquest of “chicks” and bodily functions than he is to seeing a successful Empire grow. His loyalty has been noted.

Irritation doesn’t begin to describe my feelings that bubbled through me while sitting at ground zero of one of the worst disasters in the history of Amber. And a terrorist attack? By all means Kayleb, keep banging, we don’t need your help down here. Oh no, I’m sure the fires will put themselves out by burning out on corpses. But oh, do go ahead and continue your foreplay or afterplay with someone insignificant. Clearly a trump gate knowledge would have helped me in this situation, and so I shall endeavor to understand those mysteries.

Also why did Kayleb have a tech device in Amber? Why was it working? I find this device distasteful, and a disgrace to the perfection of Amber, perhaps I should try to talk to mother about it. If one desired technology so much, why couldn’t they go to some shadow and live in peace? Why mar the beauty of Amber with such crap?!

I don’t trust Kayleb, and his fancy pants ways. Nor do I like even the way he moved, which was all wrong by the way. Kayleb moved too smoothly, like a fey creature or something. I shall pay closer attention to Kayleb, because he has something up his sleeve for sure (doesn’t everyone?) and I don’t like it.

Amanda was certainly an interesting specimen. She too carried technology into Amber, which of course makes me cringe. Amanda was very manly toting her military uniform and some rifle and electric knife; she’s probably a dyke, but there’s not enought evidence to support this theory (at least not yet). Perhaps her shadow had a shortage of real men, so they had to purge the reserves of women. Who could say for sure? And who really cared about some distant shadow anyway? Normally, my interest would weaken here, and I would be onto the next thing. However, something about Amanda caught my eye. The way Amanda moved, the way she shifted her weight, or even tilted her head looked distinctly odd. A shapeshifter perhaps? Or just an alien shadow in a human suit? Either way, it was creepy, and I shall make another mental note to mention this to her mother…just in case. The last thing the Empire needed was some shadow infiltrator ruining some plan somewhere. Or worse, an Chaosian.

Then there was the Creepy Demon Armour guy. Hmm. I didn’t like that I couldn’t see the man’s face, if it was indeed a man in that suit. However, what I did like was how predictable he was, and I find a great deal of comfort in that. Clearly that man could be easily manipulated, and clearly he may not even notice it was happening. He seemed to be handy with weapons, and always itching for a fight. A good man…er…creature to have on your side. If he had a side. Of course, he’s been in amber for over a hundred years…geez has it been that long? I guess the Emperor has his reasons for keeping him around. Perhaps it makes good table conversation. Who knows.

And Saif? Bah. Saif is safe. Right? Hrm. Right.

Our little diplomatic mission to a Golden shower…hah! I mean Golden shadow didn’t work out so well. I don’t even remember the name of the place, only that we shadow shifted via carriages right into their ballroom. I suspect they didn’t expect this, nor were they very appreciative. But whatever! We had business there, and it needed to get done.

Now, either these people are the worse conspirators ever, or they have been set up to look like the conspirators. The latter of course being the most likely. I chatted with King what’s his name and made sure to add in my pleasantries…well…after a small faux pas. But I’m sure that went unnoticed. I mean, have you seen my hair? Haha! No but seriously, I applied this new conditioner I got in Boston, and it is amazing! The curls the curls the curls! 

Oh, where was I ? Right. The tin man and Saif went to reopen a gateway to this Golden shadow place, and I hear they met some masked man. It was a family member for sure…but who? I wish I was there, I would have spotted the obvious that the others wouldn’t have. Sheesh. Can’t these people do anything right? I mean really!

Dr Kate Diary Entry 1

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