Dr. Kate's Shoes

Magical Shoes Given to Kate by Dworkin


Magic Shoes:

Allows the user the appropriate footwear for any occasion. Merely concentrate for a few moments and the correct footwear will appear.

Common types:
Sandals (appear naturally on beaches)
Formal wear
Running shoes (appear when running)
Hiking shoes
Horse Riding boots (appear when mounted upon a horse)
Casual walking shoes

Dr. Kate has experimented and has found at least 250 color and style combinations that she likes.


Boston, MA, USA Shadow of Earth
High School Prom

I had prepared myself for the prom, for six hours. Or maybe it was eight hours? I cannot remember the exact amount of time, but I do know my poor date was waiting downstairs for me to finish up for most of that time. Flora helped me with my dress, my flowers, my shoes and my jewelry. The salon messed up my hair, so I had to go back a second time so they could do it right! Then I had a wardrobe malfunction, and a tear in my dress occurred! The horror! Flora’s maid mended that quickly while Flora redid my makeup which was destroyed from my crying and from my sweat pouring down my brow! Why was it so hot in there I’ll never know.

Well, it took so long that my date decided to go ahead without me. THE NERVE!

Of course, I told him to go, so maybe it wasn’t his fault. But he should have known that all I wanted was for him to wait for me! Why didn’t he know that? Are all boys stupid? Well, that’s what I was thinking all those years ago.

In the end of it, I had one of our servants drive me to the Prom. My date was somewhere inside, and I would have to arrive alone to this mess. I almost didn’t go. I was on the verge of tears the entire car ride over to the hall. But i bit my lip, the way mother taught me how to do, in order to stop the tears from flowing. Brian? I think his name was Brian. He was the driver, and loyal servant to mother. He was very good in calming me and reassuring that everything would be ok.

So i mustered the courage and I lept out of the car and dashed towards the Hall where Prom was being held. Well in that moment, and in my haste I had broken the heel off of my left shoe. Of course I didn’t notice this at first, that is, until i reached the stairs, where i took a very dramatic tumble.

I did not cry right away, at first I looked around to see if any others were watching. Somehow, no one noticed my faux pas. It was then that I took a seat and cried. I cried that no one had noticed. I cried that I ruined my own Prom. I cried that my date was inside, probably dancing with some other girl, and I cried because I wanted to.

Tears came down my face in streams. Spittle dropped out of my mouth, and I was a complete mess. Then. Suddenly, someone handed me a pair of shoes.

“My dear Kate,” the man said, “Don’t you cry! Here! Have these shoes! They can be anything you want!”

I took the shoes even before replying. I felt like I deserved new shoes. I felt at last someone was rescuing me. When I looked up I was stunned! It was Dworkin! I had recognized his image from my trump deck, though I never dared to ever send him a trump call.

I lept to my feet. “Oh my!” I exclaimed. “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you! I’m not worthy of your kindness or your gifts. I’m a brat.” I began to cry again.

Dworkin came close and gave me an awkward hug, the kind an uncle would give to a young niece. He then patted me on the head and handed me a cookie that had a bite taken out of it. He said something unintelligible, and then simply left. I stared at him as he shadow walked away and for reasons unknown, I took a bite of the cookie. Oooh Chocolate chip!

I placed the shoes upon my feet, and immediately I began to feel better, I strode into my Prom, my chin high and proud. I was late, but I was fashionably late.

Dr. Kate's Shoes

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