Tyber Thrace II

Prince of a nearby shadow that was decimated in Patternfall war


STR 25
End 18
WAR 70
PSY Amber

Not of the Blood -4

Demon Armour:
Invulnerability 6
Destructive Damage 6
Lightning bolt ranged attack 2
3 Trumps: Amber, homeworld Of Khazahn, and ?? 2?


Prince Tyber Thrace II

Prince of a Shadow that has an alliance with Amber. (Golden Shadow?)
He led a rebellion for independence of his realm
His parents found Demon Armour, which they trapped him in for the greater good. *
His homeworld was destroyed in the war.
Family all killed, nothing left to lose
Sense of hopelessness and despair fill him, or perhaps that is the demon armour*
Low Tech, High Magic world

Demon Armour:

Plate breastplate, Bazuband bracers and greaves that cover the knees. The armour is all black, and sinister looking. Helm has small spikes, as do the elbows and knees. Most importantly, the armour is sentient and in fact a demon who serves whoever is wearing the armour, though it has grown attached to Tyber.

The demon itself bestows the wearer the following:

Indestructible armour
Lightning fists (studded gauntlets crackle with electricity)
Lightning blast, a ranged attack
3 built in trumps? Mobility/escape)

The armour, although it technically serves Tyber, it may on occasion veto certain acts that it deems unimportant or dangerous, sometimes it will make suggestions or even dominate tyber for brief durations. The armour’s original creator are unknown. Any questions regarding its history are evaded.

Tyber Thrace II

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