Saif Bariman

Tall, lanky build. Swarthy skin, red-black hair.


Psyche 15
Strength Chaos
Endurance 5
Warfare Amber

Political status – Ruler of Cauldron – 1
Social status – Ambassador at large – 3

Pattern – Basic

Saif is the ruler of Cauldron, an Imperial province since the very beginning. He has been a fixture at court for a very long time. He is a vocal advocate for the benefits of joining the Empire peacefully.

He is a student of non-Thari linguistics, and conversant with the court etiquettes of many major Shadows.


Saif’s Shadow, Cauldron, is primarily a supplier of labor. Its people are regarded as excellent servants, the common wisdom being that they are so good that one does not need to beat them at all, unless you want them to hurry.

Saif Bariman

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