Kayleb Barimen, Artist-in-Residence

Kayleb, son of Bleys, is a laid-back artist living in Castle Amber. Several of his works have been found worthy of display there, and he has made a few Trump decks for newer family members.


With his red hair and easy-going attitude, it is fairly easy to tell that Kayleb is Bleys’ son. While he performs the occasional official service for the Empire, he is usually found in his workshop or ‘in the field’ capturing the natural beauty of the environs around Amber. His primary medium is oils, although he has done photography and charcoal as well.

He was born and raised on Shadow Earth, only coming to Amber after his mother had passed away while he was still relatively young. He has spent a considerable amount of time honing his painting skills, as well as a “side” hobby of trying to duplicate some features of technology to work within Amber. (work in progress)

When not in a paint-spattered smock, he prefers dark green with gold highlights in comfortable clothing.

Kayleb Barimen, Artist-in-Residence

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