Dr. Kate Anderson (Kate Barimen)

Chief Surgeon of Castle Amber, Daughter of Flora, Socialite.


Age 49
Appears 30
Long blonde Curly Hair, blue eyes
Thin, physically weak, but commanding presence
Points: 137
Unspent Points: 0
Secrets?: Yes

Str Human -25
End 5
War 2
PSY 73

Sketches 15
Create Trump 10
Quick Activation 5

Trump Tricks: (25)
Sense someone using your trump 5
Caller ID 5
Trump Spying 5
Trump Jaming 5
Trump Blocking 5

Allies: Flora (3)
Enemy (-3)

Magic Shoes
Multiple Forms 2


Magic Shoes that are always appropriate for the occasion
Many outfits
Doctor’s Bag
Badge for Massachusetts General Hospital
Badge for Harvard Medical
Boston ID
Trump Deck
Notebook and Pen


-Daughter of Flora
-Studied Medicine and Pyschology at Harvard
-Phd in Medicine
-Phd in Psychology
-Spent 5 years as a trauma surgeon in Massachusetts General Hospital
-Technically still “employed” at the hospital, though she has only written papers in the last 3

years. -Studied three years on a less technological, Evainwald, more herbalism and alternative medicine

Dr. Kate Anderson (Kate Barimen)

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