Shadows in the Lee of Empire

Session 6

Two birds with one meteor

Saif and Tyber were enjoying a bucolic idyll on a remote agricultural world within Telluria. Saif was primarily occupied with wallowing in his recent failures, Tyber with boredom.

Kayleb was experimenting with paintings that had enough Trumpness to function as one-way spying devices.

Saif was visited by a whispered chanting that only he could hear. Pattern-sight revealed a faint trace of magical energy accompanying the sound. The whisper built to a crescendo with a voice saying “My Lord, we seek you!” When the sound vanished, Saif arranged a teepee at the site, in case it occurred again in the same location.

Kayleb had some characters step out of his paintings. Addressing him as Paragon, they stated a need for his services. “That envisioned by the King, while not pleasing to us, is displeasing to those we oppose.” They asked him to kill Corwin, to make way for the King’s plan (presumably Harmony).

Amara visited Saif and Tyber in the teepee, to discuss the possibility that Llewella might still be alive, and if so, in need of/deserving rescue. While they were discussing this, Tyber passed out. He came to having had a vision, of a red-headed man interacting with the Logrus, apparently harming it. Tyber had a vague sense of recognizing the man, as one who had done him harm, and would again. Tyber was able to confirm that the red-headed man was not Bleys, Brand, Luke, or Kayleb, but he did share some characteristics of the Royal family.

Saif contacted Corwin to see if the Children had any contacts with Chaos. Corwin confirmed that they did, December being of Chaos, and that things were normal there at the moment.

Saif attempted psychic contact with Tyber to share the vision, but was blocked by his armor. He mulled asking Kayleb or Kate to break through, but put off the decision.

Saif shadow-walked with Tyber and Amara to a nearby non-technological Shadow, and manipulated it to increase magic sensitivity. Amid flying deer, he flailed around trying to recreate the energy of the earlier contact. He got flashes of images of an occult ritual, cowled figures he did not recognize, but could not establish communication. A short time later, though, they made contact with him, greeting him as Lord Brand reborn, and pledging their readiness to act on his behalf. Saif recognized their leader as a member of the minor Amber noble house Malcom. He probed the leader’s mind to form a psychic impression, and assay his state of mind. Conclusion: malevolent fanatic. Saif asked them to be ready to act.

Amara Trumped to Corwin, to ask him about The Knot, something she had learned of while on the magic-amplified Shadow. She had received a warning to protect Corwin from the Paragon of Shadows, The Deceiver.

While Amara was talking to Corwin, a Trump gate opened, and Martin emerged in full Bronze Dragon regalia. Flora stood behind him in the gate, smirking. Amara threw Corwin aside, fending off Martin with her lightsaber. Finding his skill greater than her own, and his armor highly resistant to her weapon, she resorted to a Pattern grenade.

After recovering consciousness, she found Martin nearby, carving his way through Corwin’s guards. She tried her gun, and found Martin’s armor proof against that as well. Martin responded with a thrown dagger, which injured her slightly. Amara responded with another Pattern grenade.

After recovering consciousness again, she tried Trumping Corwin, but found Trump blocked. Once Martin moved away, she was able to Trump Tyber, and brought him through. They moved to confront Martin. His armor resisted their attacks, though electricity gave him some issues. Their combined efforts slowed the struggle, but Martin still held a distinct advantage.

Saif ordered his Brandite minions to attack Flora, with the caveat that success was a secondary goal to the attackers dying in the attempt, and leaving no connection to the rest of the cult.

Brilliant November appeared and unleashed a magical assault on Martin. His armor absorbed the energy effortlessly. He taunted her “Anticipated,” and knocked her unconscious with a thrown dagger. Amara approached while he was distracted, using a piece of tapestry to hold a grenade against him. He took the opportunity to cut off her legs.

The explosion further dismembered Amara, as Tyber discovered when he dug through the rubble. She did not appear to be bleeding, not being a biological entity at all. He was able to Trump Saif, and hand Amara in her several pieces through. At Amara’s instruction, Saif took her to her quarters, and she revealed that she had three spare bodies there. She began the process of transferring to one.

Tyber did not find Martin under the rubble, but did find a few small pieces of his armor. He passed one to Corwin for analysis, and another to Amara.

Kayleb contacted Tyber, offering to help with the attack. Tyber mentioned his vision, and that Kayleb might be able to overcome the barrier of his armor. Kayleb used Trump to access the memory, and then made a quick sketch of the red-headed man. Kayleb did not recognize the red-head himself, but forwarded the sketch to Saif.

Saif immediately recognized his fellow-clone Egon, whom he thought he had killed during their time as part of Brand’s experiments on Cauldron. So far Saif has been careful to avoid speaking Egon’s name.

Fiona was murdered in the infirmary in Argent. She was found with one of Martin’s signature blades through her forehead, with a note saying “There’s nowhere you can hide.”

The boffins of Telluria expressed bafflement over the fragments of Martin’s armor. Their discussion with Amara began with the position that a countermeasure to it was beyond their capability, but ended with them agreeing to design some sort of unreliable, localized doomsday device. Amara also posted alerts on all of the Elders of Amber, and any dirigible sightings.

Corwin updated Saif on Fiona’s death, and asked him to look into how Amber was able to freely Trump into Argent. Saif asked December to get in touch. Amara and Saif then relocated to Argent.

The Brandite cultist attack against Flora succeeded famously at its primary goal of killing the attackers. They caused some casualties, left no evidence, but were (as intended) tentatively recognized.

Saif Trumped Kayleb, and asked directly if he were responsible for Trumping attackers to Argent. Kayleb denied performing those Trumps, and noted that once he had proven it was possible, replicating the feat was no longer extraordinary. Saif concurred. While they conversed, Tyber intercepted a flying dagger directed at Saif. Kayleb identified the symbols on the dagger as being associated with classic Amber sorcery.

Saif received a Trump from December, and went through to meet in person. They found many points of agreement, though little direction for action. December did not recognize Egon from the picture of Tyber’s vision, and could not offer any insight into what relationship the events in the vision might have had to the weakening of the Logrus. Egon’s involvement was news to him, though.

Tyber received a Trump from Caine’s agent Blue, warning that Flora, Random, and Martin were in the Cathedral of Amber, energy was building, and something was happening.

Saif sent the Brandite cultists to attack the Cathedral. Their leader warned that the Cathedral’s wards meant that at best they could achieve destruction in the surrounding neighborhood, not harm to the Cathedral itself. Saif directed them to do so.

Saif and Amara gathered remaining explosives from the defense of Argent, and packed them into the Tellurian Shadow-travelling troop transport. Amara hacked the guidance system to convince it to pilot on a collision course with the Cathedral. Coming from a very great (in orbit) height, the impact caused vast devastation in the city.

In the aftermath, it was announced that Flora had been killed. Random and Martin were seen in public in the days following. Random seemed unharmed. Martin was not wearing his accustomed armor.



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