Shadows in the Lee of Empire

Session 4


Amara met with the Seneschal. She asked if she was needed to look into the attack on Caine, and told no. The Seneschal also asked her not to investigate the chemical composition of the ammunition used in the dirigible attacks, and the accelerant used in the dirigible yard fire.

Kate did her rounds of the patients in the infirmary. She was reminded by Amara of her conversation with Saif about moving Caine. She Trumped Saif, who then Trumped Tyber to ask if he was willing to participate. Tyber agreed, so Saif maintained a Trump connection with him. Kate brought Tyber to Caine’s room, telling the guards that she might need him to restrain Caine. They gathered some supplies from the room, and Tyber carried Caine and the supplies through to Saif in Cauldron. Kate stayed behind to gather more supplies and preserve the illusion that Caine was still present. [Strike 1!]

The guards noticed Tyber and Caine’s absence almost immediately. Kate was able to shift suspicion entirely to Tyber, and a highly secretive alert and search began.

Saif and Tyber moved Caine into Forge. Saif set time’s passage to be very fast in relation to Amber [Strike 2!], then stepped out into Cauldron to communicate with subordinates and Kate [Strike 3!]. While Tyber was alone with Caine, Caine entered cardiac arrest. Despite heroic efforts on Tyber’s part, Caine died. From Tyber’s perspective, it was some 11 hours before Saif returned.

Saif returned to Forge to find Caine dead, and his body slightly mauled by Tyber’s attempts at resuscitation. Panic and hysteria ensued. Kate was brought in at some point. Saif set time on Forge to be extremely slow relative to Amber, to preserve the body.

As they bandied about various (mostly ridiculous) responses and plans, Tyber had another conversation with his invisible cloaked friend, who suggested using the Jewel of Judgement to make a Pattern Ghost. The invisible friend had fairly detailed knowledge of the Jewel’s location, not to mention the inner workings of the Jewel and Pattern Ghosts.

Kate decided her best option was throwing herself on her mother’s mercy. She Trumped back to Amber, and confessed everything to Flora. Kate suggested blaming the Children of the New Year. Flora preferred blaming Saif. Kate then suggested blaming Kayleb. Flora still preferred Saif.

Saif and Tyber meanwhile took a Hellride to someplace out of the way. En route, Tyber was contacted by an unknown person (Caine’s agent Blue). At their destination, Saif mentioned his preferred option was to talk to the Children of the New Year, and see if they were involved in Project Harmony, and if not, take refuge with them. His plan to contact them was to attempt to repair a Way. Tyber was disinclined to contact the Children, Trumped back to Amber, and turned himself in.

Tyber confided Saif’s plan to Flora in his (quite polite) interrogation. Flora suggested that Tyber could also testify that Saif was responsible for several other incidents, including the dirigible yard fire, the attacks on the dirigibles, and the murder of the Pontifex. Tyber agreed to testify.

Saif picked a random Way to repair, and made a half-assed start on it. The masked fellow first encountered, the one with the Pattern blade, appeared. He introduced himself as Gentle April. Saif asked about the aims of the Children; April said their primary focus was curtailing Imperial aggression, especially Project Harmony. Discussion to establish trust followed, but the clincher was a sudden attack by Imperial forces on Saif. April used a different-Pattern power to transport Saif and himself away.

Kate sought comfort in food, but Flora was able to lure her back into court life before her dress size was seriously threatened.

Amara reached Telluria, and reported on her observation of Amber. The establishment there is generally dismissive of the “witch doctors” of Amber and their tiny even if cross-dimensional Empire. Amara asked about a civilian project to build Shadow-travelling troop transports, which was funded by multi-planetary financiers; officially the project was not illegal, though odd.

Gentle April took Saif to a country estate of a Lord Amarand, located on Argent, ruled by King Corwin. April also revealed himself to be Corwin.

A tribunal was convened in Amber to try Saif in absentia. Tyber testified, but declined to follow Flora’s script, testifying only as to events he witnessed. Flora was disappointed; Tyber returned to imprisonment.

Kate dithered about helping Tyber, but eventually managed to slip him a Trump sketch of Central Park on Earth. Tyber used the sketch, and hid out in the park.

Flora asked Kate about the possibility of Amara’s involvement in Tyber’s disappearance. Kate didn’t support the proposition, but did give Flora a Trump of Amara.

Flora Trumped Amara, and (rather delicately!) asked if she had been involved in Tyber’s disappearance or Caine’s disappearance. Given Amara’s entirely credible denial, nothing much came of it.

April and November visited Saif to discuss their common interests, and establish a basis of trust. Unfortunately, this took the form of allowing November (Fiona) to make mental contact and impose a simple restriction against discussing the Children. With that, Saif was welcomed into the Children under the name Reluctant March.

The details of Project Harmony were discussed. The Children understand it to be a plan to use the Jewel to restructure the nature of the Pattern’s interaction with Shadow, so that all Shadows would more accurately reflect Amber. In effect, this would cause existing Shadows to be erased, and impose conditions that would allow Amber to take over Shadows much more easily.

Kate gave Tyber a new set of Trumps, but other responsibilities (ie parties) prevented her from helping further.

Tyber Trumped Saif, and they discussed events in Amber (the trial) and shared interests with the Children. Tyber agreed to consider working with them.

Amara also Trumped Saif, and discussed making common cause with the Children. Fiona listened in, and agreed to consider it. Fiona admitted the Children had connections with Telluria already.

Amara was contacted by a Barren August, and they discussed more details of the Children. The Children are responsible for the project to build the Shadow-travelling troop transports. Various interests are represented in the group, with the primary shared goal being stopping Project Harmony. Some of the Children also want Random dethroned. Some want the Logrus restored. August gave Amara her Tellurian contact info, where she goes by Samantha Santone.

Corwin transported Saif and Tyber to Telluria, and left Saif with an Argent-based Trump of himself.



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