Shadows in the Lee of Empire

Session 3

Typical Day In The Office For Caine

Kayleb passed along some details of his conversation with The Guisel, including the rhyme.

Amara shared some details about her home Shadow, Telluria, including their possession of a technological means to travel between Shadows, and that much of their technology functions across Shadow.

Dr. Kate received a message from the Cathedral inquiring if her investigation into the Pontifex’s death might have used sorcery, as their wards had been triggered. This prompted a visit to the Cathedral, where Pattern sight and Amara’s tricorder scan could not pick out any energy signature from the background. Kayleb’s painter’s eye determined that the scene had been composed by someone with a particular flair for the dramatic. Kate noticed some new scuffs in some dried blood, where someone had recently stood to perhaps view the crime scene. There did not seem to be any attempt to alter the evidence. The use of sorcery for concealment in the Cathedral seemed odd, given that detection of the sorcery would be expected; perhaps the sorcerer did not particularly fear the consequences of eventual discovery. There was a brief sense of a trace of Logrus, perhaps from the shapeshifter who had emerged from the Bishop’s body still following.

There was an alarming attack on the Castle, where a number of people with concealed weapons rushed from the public areas to Caine’s office. Many guards were killed, and Caine was badly wounded. The attackers appeared to be lower-class residents of the city, but acted with no regard for personal safety, and with singular focus on reaching the goal without appearing to coordinate after beginning the attack. Many of the attackers showed signs of poorly-maintained health.

Kate took charge of Caine’s surgery and treatment. He appeared likely to survive, but be incapacitated for a considerable time.

Kayleb scanned the mind of the sole surviving attacker, and found his mind to have been emptied, with some residual traces of a Trump-like effect.

An Inquisitor at the scene questioned Kayleb about why he involved Amara in the investigation of the attack.

Speculating on a connection with the attack, Saif, Amara, and Kayleb went to investigate the dock offices of Murdoch Craven, as Caine had requested. They observed an active private building with very ordinary workers, with little public-facing facilities.

At the end of the work day, Saif and Amara ventured inside, with Kayleb observing from the street. While Kayleb was concealed as a street person, a mysterious stranger approached him to point out some errors in the disguise. The stranger claimed to be a member of Caine’s network, Agent Blue. This agent was interested in a particular energy signature associated with the attack on Caine, the murder of the Pontifex, and Kayleb himself. Kayleb suggested that this energy was associated with Tir-na Nog’th and the Hall of Mirrors, and established a method for further communication.

Inside the office, Saif and Amara were stymied by a loyal and conscientious employee of Murdoch Craven. Amara was able to surprise and overcome the guard, allowing Saif to scan his mind, which revealed little of interest. The contents of the conference rooms and offices revealed some theoretical logistics plans, oddly devoid of details that would indicate their purpose. Documents outlined a plan for large-scale management of resource distribution, developed in an oddly compartmentalized way. Apart from the frustratingly obvious benefits of security, the compartmentalization of the plans could lend itself to implementation by a collection of agents who did not need to coordinate with each other, much like the attackers sent against Caine.

Kate joined in a further investigation of Craven’s public offices. With Kayleb again on watch, Kate opened the door to the building. Amara broke an interior door, making complete secrecy impossible. Some consideration was given to using arson to conceal the break-in, but this plan was discarded. In the offices, more strangely compartmentalized plans were found. In the largest office, a secret compartment contained a file labeled “Project Harmony” which confirmed that the various plans were aimed at replacing Empire-wide transport and logistics in the case of some unspecified interruption, particularly with shipping but still utilizing Ways and dirigibles. Saif took this file and a small selection of others.

Saif discussed these findings with Flora, who asked Amara to delete her images of the plans. Flora stated that these were an internal Imperial matter, and emphasized that they should be disregarded. In the morning, Kayleb and Kate were separately called in by Flora, asking them to ignore this “personal matter of Random’s.”

Saif subsequently brought Kate to Cauldron to discuss the possibility of moving Caine from the Castle infirmary to Forge, to speed his recovery.

Kayleb supplied Amara with a set of Trumps. They discussed Flora’s instructions, but also the oddity of the Empire outsourcing such a task.

Saif invited Amara to Cauldron as well, to seek her help in moving Caine. Amara was resistant, unwilling to risk Telluria by an act of apparent disloyalty.

Saif was unable to contact Kayleb by Trump.



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